2024 Choice Gas Program

Through the choice gas program, you have the right to choose a natural gas commodity supplier that best suits your situation and your budget. The choice Gas Program allows you to “shop around” for a supplier that provides the best price, service and budget options that make sense for you. Constellation’s support of local 4-H and FFA is also an important difference maker to many Nebraskans as they make their choice.

What are you “choosing” in the Choice Gas Program?

You’re selecting the source & supplier for your natural gas - the actual *fuel* you use to heat your home, dry your clothes, and cook your dinner. Your local utility will still send your monthly bill and you will continue to pay them directly for all services related to your energy bill. However, the actual cost of the natural gas itself is the part you control by participating in the Choice Gas Program.

Who runs the Choice Gas Program?

The Choice Gas Program is managed by Black Hills Energy. All suppliers - including Constellation - must be approved to participate in the program. Constellation is one of the longest-running participants in the Choice Gas Program.

When can I make my selection?

Open enrollment for 2024 has ended. If you setup a new eligible Choice Gas meter after the enrollment period, you will receive a New Connect letter from Black Hills Utility. Please give us a call toll-free 877-388-6225 by the deadline date listed on the letter to discuss your options with a helpful Constellation representative.