Want More Information on Choice Gas Programs?

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What is Choice Gas?

Choice Gas is a Nebraska program that allows you to choose a competitive natural gas provider that best suits your situation and your budget. Choice Gas gives you a greater selection for your natural gas supply and allows you to “shop around” for a supplier that provides the price, service and budget options that you want.

At the beginning of the Choice Gas Selection Period, you will receive a selection form in the mail, which alerts you to the opportunity to choose your competitive natural gas provider. Choice Gas selection forms are typically distributed in mid-April.


The Selection Period was April 4 to April 24, 2024 and has ended.

With the Choice Gas program, you are selecting the provider for your natural gas. The company that actually sends your monthly bill for your gas utility will not change, however, the portion of your bill that deals with the cost of the natural gas supply itself is the part you can control by participating in the Choice Gas program. When you choose Constellation as your competitive natural gas provider, you will see us listed on your bill as such.

4-H and FFA in Nebraska are developing the next generation of citizen-leaders. That's why Constellation supports 4-H and FFA in a big way. In fact, over the past four years alone, Constellation has contributed more than $200,000 to Nebraska 4-H and FFA.

Choose Constellation during the Choice Gas selection period in April—and we'll contribute to 4-H and FFA in your county. The more customers who choose Constellation, increases the contribution to your county. You get reliable customer service and competitively priced natural gas supply that can make a difference in your utility bill. And you can make a big difference for young people you know—right in your hometown.

As part of its continued support for agricultural youth development programs in Nebraska, Constellation has become a significant funding partner in Raising Nebraska—one of the most innovative and groundbreaking agriculture literacy experiences in the nation. Constellation is providing funds to help create an interactive quiz game that will focus on the wide variety of careers in agriculture and food production. The quiz game, which can engage up to four players at once, debuted at the Nebraska State Fair in August 2016 and will be available year-round to school groups, youth groups and community/consumer visitors to Raising Nebraska.

  • If you have questions, please call 877-274-5710 to speak to a friendly customer service representative.